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Switch things up with these upcoming titles!

In the recent Nintendo Direct, we were given a nice list of video games that will be coming out for the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo is doing an excellent job of keeping the games coming as we don’t want the Switch to suffer the same fate as the WiiU where you… Read more »

Soaring Switch Sales!

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In an interview with Fox, Reggie spoke about his love of gaming with Nintendo and how innovation and creativity are the most important aspects in gaming, with Nintendo currently holding the imaginary title of “Most Innovative and Creative” with the Nintendo Switch. Interview Here I like the point that Reggie… Read more »

JonTron pulled from Yooka-Laylee voice acting

Not my most pleasant thing to write about but… An article was written at Crave Online that spoke about how the famous Youtuber JonTron (Jon Jafari) was pulled from Yooka Laylee, the soon to be released remake of the good ol’ Banjo Kazooie video games. Apparently, (and I’ll call it… Read more »

Nintendo Switch out your JonCon for free!

Nintendo had released a statement to Kotaku (sadly…) about the left JoyCon connection issue. Stating… “Manufacturing variation”….Ok then… I am happy that they decided to address THIS issue. I’ve had a few connection glitches where Link will run himself right off a cliff or Issac will run into a set of… Read more »

The New York Post needs to do better than this…

I didn’t think that I would have anything to post about today but I came across this pile of trash; this obviously lazy writing attempt to get clicks on your article and site so that the whole internet can see ignorance in all of it’s glory. I want to point your attention… Read more »

Nintendo can do it like anyone else…

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Gamestop posted an article on the season pass and DLC for the upcoming Nintendo Switch title “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” and comments section was riddled with the standard “F*** Nintendo, dying company” crap. Hopefully, you are all aware of my loath of DLC since it has been… Read more »