Switch things up with these upcoming titles!

In the recent Nintendo Direct, we were given a nice list of video games that will be coming out for the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo is doing an excellent job of keeping the games coming as we don’t want the Switch to suffer the same fate as the WiiU where you have a new video game to play for it every 6 months. Nintendo wants to stretch this out and play the long con. They will not be giving you everything at once.

As reported by Polygon, the list is as follows…


The most important items on that list for me are ARMS and Spaltoon. Most of the others are “meh”.

I’m a bit upset my pre-order of ARMS got pushed back but it makes sense. Nintendo won’t have the ARMS release conflict with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. As I previously said, Nintendo is playing the long con.

Sonic Mania reminds me of Sonic Generations and I didn’t see much of an appeal to that game.

It took them long enough to get Minecraft on the Switch. I can just hear the kids screaming for it and that “whoosh” sound of the money flying out of the parent’s pockets. I am sure it won’t have the mods like on the PC version but regardless…ka-ching.

I know that there is a particular RDR (Rushdown Radio) gentleman that might be interested in Disgaea 5 Complete. The game wasn’t my cup of tea but it’s something to look at, dood.

Not quite sure how I feel about Monopoly on the Switch but I know that people will buy it because it is an easy party game that you can take with you. It doesn’t exactly ruin friendships like Mario Party but it comes close.

Considering how hungry the Switch has got me for titles, the “Summer” release date means nothing to me, just more waiting.

Let me know which game you’re waiting for!

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