Nintendo can do it like anyone else…

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Gamestop posted an article on the season pass and DLC for the upcoming Nintendo Switch title “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” and comments section was riddled with the standard “F*** Nintendo, dying company” crap.


Hopefully, you are all aware of my loath of DLC since it has been used to basically piecemeal a game to get more money. I am lucky enough to have recovered from my burn of the Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel’s season pass and this doesn’t seem to be the same case.

First, we are getting the whole game from the get go. No, “additional story” or other crap. That is a plus. We’ve seen how large the game is going to be digitally and let’s hope that most those gigabytes aren’t just for the textures on Link’s individual strands of hair.

I do want to point out how useless a “shirt with a Nintendo Switch logo that Link can wear during his adventure” sounds. I know that this game incorporates a weather mechanic where Link must wear thick clothes in the cold and lighter things in the heat. If that stupid shirt isn’t somehow insulated with The North Face tag on the inside, who freaking cares? The cosmetic choices I give two farts about are a blue tunic to breathe underwater and a red tunic so I don’t get burned so easily.

Thank goodness, the Expansion bonus pack will deliver us two “useful” items… I’m not bitter.

Second, don’t people remember a time when some consumers were complaining about how Nintendo needs to grow up and get with the times. Well, aren’t they now? They provided you with full, complete games every time that you happen to get some DLC with it. Hyrule Warriors is the best example.


Look at all of that. Completionist or not, the base game gave you plenty to do with and that was at the standard $60-dollar price tag that most triple A titles charge for anyway!

Here’s my 25 cents on this. Nintendo is “getting with the times”. Other companies can get away with some DLC and Nintendo is no different. Stop putting Nintendo to some higher standard when they try to do something like its competitors. They are company that needs to make money to make games. They are here to make some fun games which they do most of the time but cars don’t run on friendship and good games can’t be pulled out of their butt.


4 thoughts on “Nintendo can do it like anyone else…

  1. Kelly

    Sorry, can’t agree. I am not receiving the full game if I have to buy the DLC to get “hard mode.” Difficulty levels aren’t something I’ve EVER seen someone try and pretend is OK to be included only as DLC. Its just not. I’m disappointed you didn’t address this.

    1. Mr. Gamer

      It was not addressed because I didn’t know if there would be a New Game + in the game. I’d rather not start that fire here with misinformation. If there isn’t a New Game +, then like with the shirt, it’s simply a pointless attempt at trying to grab money out of our pockets. But I still say that there isn’t anything wrong with DLC in their case. I’m not giving Nintendo a pass, don’t get me wrong. It needed to be said that Nintendo can do DLC AND get the same criticism for it like everyone else.


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