JonTron pulled from Yooka-Laylee voice acting

Not my most pleasant thing to write about but…

An article was written at Crave Online that spoke about how the famous Youtuber JonTron (Jon Jafari) was pulled from Yooka Laylee, the soon to be released remake of the good ol’ Banjo Kazooie video games.

Apparently, (and I’ll call it like it is) JonTron said some really stupid things in a two hour debate with Steven “Destiny” Bonell where immigration was brought up. Considering how quick people are to fire about anything racial in this day and age, I wish that JonTron would’ve practiced that old addage, “Think before you speak.”

Yeah, there was none of that.

I mean, he tried to fix what he said but only Donald Trump can get away with saying something stupid like that with no evidence, by the way.

Believe it or not, I am not focused on what he said. He said it. It was stupid and without facts. It’s out there and I doubt that there is anything that he can do about to fix the damage. Though….



Not sure he’s actually hurting at all…

My problem is with the decision that JonTron needed to be pulled from the game when it is so close to launch. Unless JonTron’s name was going to plastered all over the game for the most likely small voice role he’d do anyway….


Is your video game going to be under such a microscope where you can’t have anyone in it that might have anything controversial, ever? No matter how small. Would it really have hurt you to keep him in the game? Would you have lost any money at all?



At least the game is cleaner, right?

Let me know what you won't...