Here Comes A New (Late) Challenger???

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On, an article was posted about a patent, filed from Sony, for what looks to be a tablet with control halves attached to it.


I am not sure where they were going with this but with the release of the Nintendo Switch next week, it seems really odd that this would just now be coming to light, right?

The article was posted Feb 19th of this year. I am not exactly a Sony Pony but I would have loved to hear more of this and from Sony, not a third party. The release of this article just makes it seems like Sony is trying to copy Nintendo but I don’t think that this is the case here.  What I don’t want to is for people to think that Sony would be trying to copy Nintendo. You can see from both patent dates that Sony’s patent came out first, with Sony’s patent on August 6, 2015 and Nintendo’s patent on June 10, 2016 . Could it possibly be that Nintendo copied Sony? Doubtful….



In the article, there was a link to the actual patent info from a Japanese blog, found here. Thanks to Google Translate, I could see the details on the Sony patent and I am a bit impressed if not confused. If the PS Vita is on its end of life, could this be the next contender in the handheld market? Celestia knows Microsoft isn’t going to try and touch that with a 39 and half inch pole.

Maybe Sony is going to keep this quiet until after the Nintendo Switch launch?

Maybe Sony will try and get back into the handheld game? I do enjoy Vita past the possibility of making it an emulation machine. It has a large library of good, if not weird and raunchy, JRPG games on it.

Regardless of the success or failure of the Nintendo Switch, I want Sony to begin creation on this…thing. I don’t even know what to call it. But when Nintendo brings out the Switch in all its glory, Sony must answer. Let’s just hope their answer is good enough.

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