Nintendo Switch Event in Chicago!

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Whats going on, Buttonmashers!

I had an amazing time at the Nintendo Switch event held in Chicago. Today was the last day for the events and why not save the best for last, good ol’ Chicago. And every great story starts from the beginning.

The Line

Kitty Duval and I were lucky to get there when we did. With only 750 spots open to the public, there were quite a few people that were turned away. I am going to guess that about 900 people showed up. The pics above were from when we had first gotten there and the pics below are from the lines that were still forming as we moving forward.

We were able to get out time slot and…get in another line….

After that and the obligatory selfie…


We were in the event and I was pleasantly surprised.

Has Been Heroes

The first game that I was able to get my hands on was Has Been Heroes. The gameplay was simple. You control three heroes in each lane, controlled by the X Y B buttons. You can switch out heroes and positions after each attach in conjunction with the spells that you can cast.

I was pleased that the game does pause between each actions that way I am not overwhelmed. That was an excellent demo for that game that will be must have for my Switch collection.

Fast RMX

The next one on the agenda was Fast RMX. This is a simple racing game that, to the casual gamer, might be a be a disorienting as the track does change position as you are going along the track. It’s similar to Mario Kart 8 on the levels where the gravity is switched, but much more extreme.

A simple racing game that I’d play on my short commute. I probably won’t get it immediately unless the price is right.


I was actually able to participate in a tournament during the event for this game and it was a workout. I didn’t win but I did get second place like a regular Luigi.

I know I will be getting this game when I first comes out. Looking at it first glance, I thought that would just be another Wii Boxing clone but I was very very wrong. The game is significantly more involved than that. There are powered punches, blocking mode, throwing, air dashing and dodging and so much more. This was a demo version so I know there are more details that we will be getting coming March 3rd.

1 2 Switch 

I will admit something. I was going to throw so much crap at this game. I was going to join the stupid meme war about these set of little mini-games and how they were complete and utter trash.

I am glad that I didn’t.

I never thought milking a cow could be so…much fun.

The technology in JoyCons are like nothing that I’ve played with in my gaming life. The first game that Duval and I played was the Draw game. She beat me by one hundredth of a second but that’s not where the game truly shines.

Next was the Marble Counting Game. I never thought the I could truly feel like there were marbles in my controller though there obviously weren’t. I heard it and felt and correctly guessed that there were two marbles because it felt like two marbles. The controller didn’t just shake randomly in one place. It was almost scary the tech in these controllers were to have that game.

I can see this becoming wonderful set of games played best and most hilarious when drunk.


It was only a one match demo with a short tutorial getting used to the controllers but I have to say that if there is any local single player game or even mulitplayer with bots, I will be playing the ever loving crap out this game. I tried my hand that at the Dual Splat Guns that I would say are better use with the JonCons as I saw that I had two different crosshairs for my guns though I was given a Pro Controller to use.

The game I did play with JonCons were a bit awkward honestly with my big hands but the Pro Controller felt light enough to not be a bother and the buttons on it were big enough for my fingers to not mis-press anything.

All in all, it was a wonderful event organized very well and this is just more fuel to the fire to my hands on the Nintendo Switch coming to us all March 3, 2017.



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