The Quest For The WiiU – Bully

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Welcome to the 1st part of a (hopefully) short series: The Quest for the WiiU!

Long story short, I have been slacking a bit on my writing and because of that my lovely editor has given me a challenge. For every week that I miss deadline, she puts a sticky note on a game I own that has not been reviewed, which I must write a review for. When I finish all of my “noted” articles, I can get a new system- aiming for the WiiU. But on to the review!


The first game on the list for this quest describes how my high school experience went: Bully.

Bully is third person view, action-adventure game from Rockstar. Those same wonderful people that brought you every single GTA game now give you the “Rugrats All Grown Up” version.

By the way, I hated that show. But I loved this game!

I wasn’t always the awesome person giving you a well punctuated piece of a paragraphed performance. My life did suck and while it was pretty bad, it was nothing compared to the life of the main character, James Hopkins.

If thought your life was bad, when you get put in a boarding school by your “parents” (if you can call them that) because you can’t be controlled, let me know how well you survive with other dickhead kids shooting firecrackers at you. You are probably thinking that it’s not a big deal. Its just a firecracker…at your face. I don’t suggest getting hit by one to see what it is like, but let’s just say I have a friend with second degree burns and all the hair from his right leg singed off.

But I digress… Back to Bully.

I didn’t get to play it on my Wii due to the fact that Smash Bros really never left my console, so I was forced to endure those PS2 graphics. And you know what? It was amazing. I loved the game. It did have themes that some people might see as aggressive, but that didn’t make it a bad game.

Wanted to get into fights with whoever? As long as you didn’t get your flank kicked, you could rule the school, which is basically what I did. Going through the Preppies, Jocks, Nerds, and even Townies, I dominated the areas, putting myself on top.

One thing I really liked about the game was that, if I wanted to, I could be with anyone. I mean male or female. Having that choice, ticked off some people, but I saw it as amazing. In the game, if you are low on health you can drink a soda or as Sebastian says, “Kiss de Girl”…or guy.

Yep. Thought it wasn’t explicitly mentioned, you could have a boyfriend-type person.
Well here’s the Breakdown…

This game was just GTA light for kids who weren’t old enough to play the adult game or didn’t have someone to sneak it for them. It didn’t make the game bad but, instead, gave a better story than what you would get in a GTA which is basically a “Zero to Hero” model. You will feel like you are playing GTA, which I want to say is on purpose. That and the game was funny; a very important aspect in most games.

Mashability Index
Story – 4/5
This wasn’t a completely new story but I wasn’t bored with it. Boy comes to school and is low on pole. He beats the crap out of everyone in his way and is the best. And scene.
Gameplay – 5/5
The game made me feel like I was a student in this really shitty boarding school, along with the punishments and perks of being in one.
Graphics – 4/5
I didn’t have rough polygons to play with there were some clipping errors here and there. Almost….

Bully: GTA: Kids Mode!

Let me know what you won't...