The Quest for the WiiU – Katamari Forever


Sometimes people tell me that I need to get into shape. They tell me that I could stand to lose a few pounds. I don’t worry about that. That extra bit of chub is just…experience.

Yeah, let’s call it that.

But, now that I think about it, I am in shape. Round is a shape.  And there is no game that will keep you in shape like Katamari Forever.

Its a ball!

I don’t apologise for these puns. I am on a roll…

Well, avoiding the virtual pitchforks soon to be coming to my face… Katamari Forever, a PS3 release, is the next game in the Katamari series after “Rolling with Katamari” for the mobile market and “Beautiful Katamari” on the XBOX 360. I don’t know many people who actually played “Rolling with Katamari”.I can’t imagine that you could really get the full enjoyment of Katamari from your phone. It’s like Flappy Bird; why would you do that to yourself?

At least “Touch my Katamari”, a PS Vita exclusive, which came much after, was better. Though “Touch My Katamari” sounds…dirty and spherical. Just going to leave that there.

Anyhoof, in Katamari Forever you as The Prince must once again help out the King of the Cosmos. This time, the King got knocked in the head and suffers amnesia. But that’s only half of it. You also have to help RoboKing, who would be exactly what he sounds like, repair the cosmos after he went on a rampage and destroyed everything. I guess he had a screw loose or something.

For those new to Katamari, I will explain everything in three simple words.

Roll. Up. Everything.

It is just that simple. You start off with a very small ball and you use that roll up things like thumb tacks, then you can start the natural progression to bears, sumo wrestlers, and then cities and finally’ planets.

It is really a simple game but it can be so satisfying to finally roll up that horse that was knocking you around like a…ball.

Thing is, The Prince doesn’t grow at all. So imagine that… You are just walking around the city and you see this pile of crap and you just kick it out of the way. Then, a few minutes, that same ball of crap is the size of a skyscraper and has rolled that skyscraper into itself and eclipsed the sun! People are screaming left and right trying to get away, but you can’t, you never can. Now you are stuck like everyone else on the butt of a giant cow, because this game is the type of game that would have a giant cow butt.

Ok, so here’s The Breakdown

Aside from the condescending tone of The King of the Cosmos, there isn’t anything to not like about this game. Its simple to play but hard to master. It is a low stress game with a high replay value. I know it is cheap now on either Amazon or Gamestop. Get it now!

Mashability Index

Story – 5/5 –  As annoying as the RoboKing’s whining was to deal with, there wasn’t anything wrong with the story from the first few games. I didn’t see any reason to change it and I am glad they didn’t.

Graphics – 5/5 – The cel shading works great for the game. A wonderful game on the eyes, especially with the bright colors.

Gameplay – 4/5 – I have to give one little ding because there will be moments where you should be roll on something and that same thing sends you for a spin while you watch all of your ball’s size decrease..

Katamari Forever – A wonderful ride that will send you for a spin

Let me know what you won't...