Start Button Review Update 1.04

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Good afternoon Buttonmashers!

I’m Mr. Gamer and this is a Start Button Review update.

Guess who’s back! But we have a bit to cover let me start off with….

The Mashability Index!

This new rating system will help me help you gamers about whether or not I have determined that a game is actually good. It will be broken down into three different categories, gameplay, story, and graphics, each worth five points. In my opinion, gameplay makes the game, graphics just make the game look pretty.

I am sure that you’ve seen it on a few of the reviews that I’ve done and I am working to have them done for all of them; past and present. I think it is a nice, simple way for you to know what I thought about a game using the three most important things about a game. Soon Mashability Index scores will be available on their own page!

Next on the agenda, I’ve added two new pages to the site. The first page being a “Request a Review” page” and the other “Ask Mr. Gamer”. I want you to come to this site and ask me things. I am not sure if everyone is getting my Facebook updates but Facebook is only one place, and you should be able to ask me directly here so now you can. I will still get posts from the page to me so don’t worry. This is just one step in our continuing efforts to streamline the Start Button Review.

That’s all I have for this update. Stay Tuned!