Review: Hyrule Warriors

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Ever wanted to fight epic battles with literally of thousands of enemies who want your head on a pike, stick, staff, sword, or hammer? (If that’s possible)

Do you love The Legend of Zelda series? Of course you do! This game combines both of those aspects and lets you rule….

“Hy-rule” Warriors that is.

Before I say anything else, let me get this out of the way. Yes, the game is basically a re-skin of the Dynasty Warriors games back during the glorious days of the Playstation 2.

Oh, I miss you PS2….

Hyrule Warriors is what I will call one of the better games for the WiiU now. Arguably it is better the Smash Bros but hell, this is the internet; everyone argues about everything else.

The game starts like almost every other Legend of Zelda game with the land of Hyrule being taken over by darkness. I am not sure if I missed this little tidbit while going through all of the other timelines (And aren’t there quite a few of them) but what in the Hylian hell is going in Hyrule where the ultimate evil, basically Ganondorf, can’t stay dead…or buried…or separated….or chained up, for more than a couple of years?

What is he, the bucking Juggernaut of Hyrule?!

He is always coming back in some form or another. Let’s just put that bitch in a bottle in any of the water temples or something. Nothing can get out of those things. I’ve put eggs, fairies, and even princesses in those things and they were fine.

But I digress…

The game starts with darkness taking over the land and monsters attacking Hyrule Castle. Link, who isn’t the Hero of Time at this point, is training in the barracks with all of the useless fodder soldiers and sees the danger and the power of the triforce he has (Not questioning that…) tells him that he must awaken again as the Hero of Time and save everyone.

Given the beginning of this article, you can guess where everything else was going. You choose the map to fight on with a selection of characters, similar to Dynasty Warriors, and to kill hoards and hoards of enemies to get to the next objective or boss. It is pretty simple.

I did enjoy the addition of Skulltulas in this game. In some levels, when you kill 1000 enemies, you can look for the Gold Skulltula and kill it to get a piece of art which is not just for completion, but gives you more options to level up your character in the Bazzar.

Heart pieces and other familiar items from the Legend of Zelda universe also make an appearance such as the Hookshot and Boomerang. And these items are not character specific, every single character can use all of the items.

One of the most important editions is the Adventure mode, where you play on a special map with certain challenges to meet. I recommend going through the story first on this before trying it or you will get your ass whipped.

But enough about that. Here is the Breakdown.

The WiiU may not have as many games going for it right now, ZombieU and Sonic Boom aren’t helping. But if you want good mindless game to play with some familiar characters, get this game. If you have always wanted to play as Ganondorf and beat Link a few times, get this game. If you have a WiiU, get this game.

I think you get my point.

Mashability Index
Story- 3/5
Hyrule Warriors really didn’t give me anything new to play with. I kinda felt like I was just saving Hyrule again. I mean, you are. I just felt “meh” about it.
Graphics – 3/5
The game is pretty…bright. You will notice that a lot more if you and maybe a friend are playing two flashy characters like Cia and Fi. This gives a definite lag. Gamers hate lag.
Gameplay – 4/5
This got the highest score because the gameplay at least met my expectations. It is always nice to just have a game where you just beat the crap out of an (almost) endless horde of enemies.

Hyrule Warriors – A decent addition to the wibbly wobbly timeline that is The Legend of Zelda.

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