IPG’s Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Tournament

It was a late night but totally worth it. The Start Button Review staff went to the Emporium Arcade Bar to cover IPG’s tournament. The crowd was a little short for what I was expecting but it was still worth it. The arcade was similar to the Beercade that I visited before but with less arcade machines and more overpriced drinks.

Had I been given more notice about the tournament, I would have entered. My PR person advised that I enter but I did want the advisement of an ass whooping. Not on my agenda for the night, I gotta say.

The popular Franker Z attend and won with his smug and cocky attitude. Nice-ish guy but he has an ego that could choke a room. He even bet 10 dollars that no one could knock out even one of his characters. I had to pull away my editor, Mistress Sarah-kun, because she would have tried and nopony wanted that…

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