Review: Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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This week on The Start Button Review we have…. Hold on. I have to check something.

Ok, we’re good. I have about thirty minutes until the next sale at TT Mart. Continuing on…

There are a few good gaming gems on the 3DS, only a few good games that can take you away to a far away land…

Via a train…

To city that you didn’t know you were going to be the mayor of…

This game got me started on new habits and some of them I am not necessarily proud of but the damage has been done. I don’t think that I have ever tried to schedule a game around my normal everyday life, until I got a new leaf on life; Animal Crossing: New Leaf that is

Compared to the P.O.S. that I had to deal with playing Into the Nexus, it was a relief to get into a simple, cute, and friendly game; a game that you never win.

Yes, those game do actually exist and thank Celestia for it because not every single game has to have a deep plot just like every game doesn’t need an end. And when the game is good, you don’t want it to end. You are hoping for a New Game Plus feature or something of the like. Well hope no more! Animal Crossing: New Leaf has sprouted up and will grow with you. Or it will take over your life like weeds in a garden, whichever comes first really.

Sadly, I got the other end of that statement but I am ok with it… It’s strange…

The game is my friend….

Anyhoof, for those who have never played an Animal Crossing game, you make a yourself in the game, male or female, and you take care of your house and talk with the other members (animals) of the town and live your new life. This game ups the ante, making you the mayor of (insert your town name here) with the ability to rule it as you see fit.

You are responsible  for making the town and earning money for it. You do this by fishing, bug catching, selling sea-shells, or even digging for fossils. You have all the responsibilities of a mayor of a real town except not really. Isabelle, your advisor,  does most of that work for you. You can basically just work on paying off your loans. And have fun with that.

You will get used to paying those off because of all that choice you have. Your good old friend, Tom Nook will be sure to take care of you and give you a wonderful house where you can even choose the color of the roof. Yay. Yep, not sleeping in that tent after the first night is great until you hear how much paying of the loans actually costs. You are going to be sure to know how to fish and catch bugs with the best of them or else…

Fucking Tom Nook loan shark…well as mean as loan sharks can be in this child friendly game. And right after you pay off your first loan, he immediately talk about how you can still expand your house because, of course, it is too small and it will only take a small loan of many more bells than you have at the moment I’m sure.

With this version of AC, you can visit other people’s houses via Streetpass and visit their towns via the internet and local wireless. There you can attempt to buy things from other players’ houses and see how poor you are; like being middle class in a videogame. At least you can make bells (money) with actual hard work. No pyramid scheme, cheat codes, or game breaking glitches in this game. Suck it up, Jimmy.

I have never played a game that was so addictive so quick. It’s similar to how the mobile gaming market works with making you wait for certain things in real time. That was the worst. Obviously, you can change the time in the game to speed up things in the town but why would you do that? I’ll tell you why. The game knows and will punish you for it. Now you are probably thinking that there isn’t much a game like New Leaf could do to punish you, but think about this: You are the mayor of the town. The people need you to make money, construct public works, and overall make the town bigger and better. They don’t do shit aside from complain and ask you for things.

Lazy dicks…

You are responsible for the safety and well-being of the town. Now, let say that you decide to fast forward time two weeks. The game knows that time has moved forward and that shop that you couldn’t wait for is now here and open for business but there are a few more changes as well….As soon as the game  starts and you leave your home, you notice that there are less people in your town. Walking about, you see weeds and dead flowers everywhere where there were fresh beautiful ones.

You see?

The town was two weeks without a mayor and nothing happened. It makes me feel bad, a little bit. I just can’t bring myself to do it. Never.

For those you want a simple and handheld improvement of life, get this game. If done correctly you won’t be playing another game for a long time.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf – More like ‘Animal Crossing: New Life’ because after you play this game, you won’t have your old one.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I don’t want to be late for the sale!

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