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About freaking time!

I was waiting for this game for way too long and I am happy to say that this game, at the minimum, met my expectations. I am off this long-ass hype train and happy to get my prize.
SSB4 is the fourth (obviously) Super Smash Bros game released by the lovely people at Nintendo. If you haven’t played a SSB game, I would highly recommend that you pick one up now, like this one.

I am doing my best to hide my excitement for this game but it has been a long time since a game has been fun and worth the hours put into it.

Yes, I am looking at you, Destiny…

The fourth go around with this game gives us a slew of new characters! We have the heavenly Palutena and Dark Pit (blatant Pit copy) from the Kid Icarus universe. We have the galactic Rosalina and her best friend ever Luma, from the Super Mario Galaxy…um galaxy. We even have that annoying dog from the Duck Hunt game from the (very) early Nintendo days, classically named “Duck Hunt”.

Don’t look at me. I don’t name the characters. I beat the beat the crap out of other people’s characters with them.

Nintendo crammed a lot content into one little cartridge, though the game may seem simple. You choose from one out of insert number here of other characters and you fight on some rather interesting stages, or, if you are a professional and item kills are bullshit, you can just play on variations of the Final Destination stage.

SSB4 now has a For Fun and For Glory mode for its online play. This is a good feature for people who want to simply have fun and for people who want to have bragging rights. The assumption is that people who play For Fun aren’t very skilled at the game.

WRONG! Don’t be like Billy.

I have played many people on the For Fun mode and it was a challenge all the same. By the way, Friend code: 2165-6442-3833

As far as fighting modes, you still have Classic and All Star. The story mode has been replaced with “Smash Run”. This is a mode where you choose one character that you can customize with different gear and items to fight on a map to get better gear and items and at the end of it, you and CPU’s fight in some sort of special smash or a plain one.

Oh! But let me make sure I do not gloss over the best part this game…

“What? The part where it’s over?”

Billy. This is why your balls haven’t dropped.

And no, I meant the customizations. I don’t think that customized characters will be allowed in tournaments, but it is still wonderful to fight your friends with. I can’t say the combinations are endless but to have the ability to make a character that heals on each KO, has a hyper smash, has super armor with each smash attack, or spawns with a beam sword is pretty freaking sweet.

I have only made 4 different variations of my Mii character; one shooter, one fighter, and two swordsmen and I have to say using my Mii in a battle between Mario, Luigi, and Bowser for the “Main Man Card” of the Mushroom Kingdom is just made of pure epicness. That is just a taste of the battles that you can have. You, or whatever other version of whoever else you want to make can do whatever you want. You want to make a battle where Taylor Swift Mii and Miley Cyrus Mii fight for the Twerk Crown? Do it!

Celestia help us if that ever happens in real life.

Now the possibilities are endless. You can make the best or weirdest fighter the Smash universe has ever seen!

And let me just address this now. I know that there are players that see some characters as overpowered or, dare I say it, cheap. This is what I say to you. Do not whine. Do not cry. Do not tell other players to just “Get Gud”. I hate when people say that, it’s fucking demeaning. I want you to adapt. No character is unbeatable. Little Mac is not unbeatable. This is what training mode is for.

With that aside, if you own a 3DS then you have to get this game. I know it will be well worth your money. You know I got the midnight release and it has not left my system. I am sure it won’t leave yours.

Super Smash Bros 4 – The only time it is acceptable to yell “IT’S TIME TO SMASH!” in public

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