Where is Mr. Gamer?!

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Good evening Buttonmashers!

I am sure that most of you were wondering where I was this past Sunday. I normally post something eye-riveting for you then, but alas, there was nothing there.


We are moving!

That’s right. My fiancee/editor and I are moving this coming Sunday to not too far from our current location but it is coming to be that time and I hate my landlord. But I digress.

The point is, moving, along with a new job for me and my fiancee, is, like everything else, a process. Sometimes the process is longer than I want. With that, I have not been able to meet the imaginary demand (I made up) of you, my fellow Buttonmashers, and my editor.

So, I will work on my tardiness due to fact that I owe you Buttonmashers plus….I am trying to avoid the wrath of my editor. I know she is frustrated with me from pushing to be a better writer with this 50,000 word challenge I have to meet by the end of November. Any whips I take, I take for you. Its never enough to say that I will do something, you Buttonmashers want me to have something to show for it. Okay! Let do this!

It’s time for Mr. Gamer to step up his game! New place, new games, new tech, new job! So many changes but it is time for me to Level Up!

Oh, and by the way….

Thanks for not setting my inbox aflame. Though, now that I think about it, I wouldn’t mind if you did. But
only a “Fire” spell, not “Fira” or “Firaga”. I am not at that level yet…

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