Start Button Rant #1 – The DLC Days

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I was having a conversation with one of our Buttonmashers about the not-so-wonderful game, Destiny, and he mentioned that he had gotten Hyrule Warriors. I was planning on playing this game and then he told me something that just kinda pissed me off.

Ok, more than just pissed me off.

He told me that he had just bought Hyrule Warriors, a game that I had planned on buying for myself and that before he even started to play the game, at the main menu, he was told by a prompt at the main menu that he could purchase some DLC.

Dafaq? Are you serious? Why the hell are you being prompted about DLC when first of all, you just bought the damned game, and secondly, if you are telling about DLC that you will be releasing after the game is already out, why don’t you just add with the main game.

“But Mr. Gamer, what if the DLC isn’t ready?”

Billy, shut your hole.

I shouldn’t know about it then if they aren’t ready to release it. I don’t care if they have 50 DLC’s that they are ready to send out, don’t tell me about them until you are ready for me to buy them. You want to know why? Because, given the type of consumer that I am, I would want it now. Its just fucking simple.

If I am going to drop sixty plus dollars on a game, then don’t tell me about the 10, 15, or 20 dollar DLC you will have before I hit the fucking start button. I am Mr. Gamer, not Mr. Moneybags and as much I love games – even the games with DLC – I have absolutely no problem waiting for the Game of the Year version of that game. Culprits being Dishonored, Dead Island, and Fallout just to name a few.

From now on, I am calling DLC instead of “Downloadable Content”, “Dick Licking Chili” and “Digital Labia Cuts” for my female Buttonmashers. We don’t discriminate here at SBR.

I don’t think that DLC will be going anywhere anytime soon. It would be better if the companies just decided to make a new game out of the DLC they would release, but that’s just me wanting too much. The only choice I really have if I want all of the content, just like every other gamer, is to just bend over and take it….without lube.

Lube is an extra $1.99, pre-order only with Call Of Duty: Bigger-er Guns.

2 thoughts on “Start Button Rant #1 – The DLC Days

  1. Brian S Emerick

    I’m not a fan of day one DLC, but I don’t hate DLC in general. Lately though it seems to be built into the game from the start though, and that really pisses me off.

    I still don’t get your Destiny hate though. If you had a group of 20 friends playing like me, and ran some raids, I think you’d like it a lot more. Level 28!

    1. Mr. Gamer

      I suppose I just need more friends but I feel that a game should hold its own with its single player first. If I wanted to raid, I would buy World of Warcraft but I didn’t. I bought Destiny. Still a bit of a disappointment.


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