Commission Request #1

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Here is the first of soon to be many pieces of art drawn by your very own, Mistress Sarah-kun. This was requested by our stitchy Buttonmasher, Allison Bates.

Like what you see. Request your own artwork! Send all requests to

Oh, did I mention it was free? Hope I didn’t forget that…

3 thoughts on “Commission Request #1

  1. Missy Tannenbaum

    Thank you, it’s so lovely! Kula’s hair in particular looks all breezy and happy, like she needs to be in some sort of old school fighting game themed shampoo ad. Thank you, again! I’m going to print it and put it next to my reproduction of John Wilkes Booth’s wanted poster.

      1. Missy Tannenbaum

        We’ll be in touch on this matter. It involves a lot of discussion for a blog’s comments section, and I just wrote four papers, so my brain is fried for today, but my inbox is always open. (I think I still have the pattern saved away, though.)


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