Start Button Review Update 1.03

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Good Afternoon Buttonmashers!

I’m Mr. Gamer and this is a Start Button Review Update.

We did it! Thanks to all of you, we have 100 followers to the website. This is something that I have been working very hard on and I am so happy right now. I will of course be keeping good on my word and start making videos for you guys. It will be process with my schedule so bear with me but I do have a wonderful team helping me out. I will try to alternate the videos with the written reviews, with both of them being on alternating weeks. But regardless of the updating schedule, I will only give the best. Mr. Gamer doesn’t do anything half-assed…you know who are you, Bryan.

There are quite a few things going on at SBR with hotels for ACEN coming up and the first block almost at capacity. If you haven’t got your hotel room now and you have the funds, get it now. Its $180 per night right now for the Hyatt. But the next blocks will be opening at 12:01 A.M. tomorrow so have your money ready. Speaking of ACEN, we, at SBR, are soon to be submitting our application for a press badge. I want to be able to give you in-depth coverage of all of the amazing happenings at ACEN and future conventions for sure. This is a big, if not the biggest, milestone I have set for SBR which I am pushing to extend the reach to a bigger audience. More followers just make me look better in their eyes.

I am also trying to get a better feel for the gaming world in general. My mom, named “Mr. Gamer’s Mom” always told me that if I liked video games so much and can tell what a bad game looks like, why don’t I just make one. So I will. This is one of two gaming projects I am working on and I will update you accordingly. I call myself, “Mr. Gamer” for a reason.

I will also set up the Q&A and free commission art from Mistress Sarah-kun in the near future. If you have an idea what you want her to draw or questions you want to ask either me, Kitty Duval or Mistress Sarah-kun send them to my email,

Stay Tuned!

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