First Impression: Destiny

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With my hectic schedule and the amount of people playing that game at once, I was only able to get level 15 in the first week. Even with that said, I can say that Destiny is a solid game. Its still not worth the hype or a pre-order of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for some armor piece. Stuff like that takes away from the game. Unless we are playing some sort of armor modeling sim, the color of my armor doesn’t impact the effectiveness of my character.

I like the open world aspect of the game split up into different planets with different enemies on most of them. To me it seems like a bit of cop out to have an “open world” game with different worlds where, essentially, you play the same missions on different planets. Yes, I know that the game is on different planets but I can’t still call that a “open world” game, at least not at the level that I know Bungie means intends it be.

I know that there will be arguments of repetivity in the game but remember that it is a game with a leveling system. There will always be some aspect of repetition. The points you should be focusing on is not the repetition but how the game makes the experience exciting or not and whether or not the game does a good job about hiding the repetition.

The multiplayer aspect of the game makes the experience different every time, to an extent. With the game being online all the time, you can encounter other people at higher and lower levels during your own story mission. This can be a good and a bad thing considering that when a person is your team, you get experience for their kills and you don’t when they are just doing there own thing. At least they can’t kill you, you just don’t get any experience if they kill steal.

I am curious about how deep customizing your character will get in comparison to Borderlands 2. I am not asking for a bazillion guns or anything like that but if you are going to make a comparison like that, you had better back it up. I have yet to see evidence of such in-depth customization.

I am not too deep in the story but it seems pretty standard. You are the “Hero” to save the galaxy against the “Darkness”. The game makes reference to an army that you fight with and help out, hinting to the other “heroes” fighting with you. At least you aren’t doing it alone.

I am feeling “meh” about the game but its still in the process of proving itself to me.

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