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What can I say about Kirby that hasn’t already been said. That cute little ball of…some type of stretchy material (rubber fluff?) is out on another adventure to save Dreamland!

You would think that with all the times Kirby has had to save Dreamland (all while being disturbed while he was either sleeping or eating) he would find another place to live.

Not to mention, maybe the whole of Dreamland (you never actually see the citizens of this “land”) could stand to have a better hero than Kirby. I mean, you get what you get when it comes to random beings from another land (Kirby is from where again?) dropping by. I get that, but if my only salvation came from some… thing that just slept and ate, sometimes at the same time, all the time, I’d be a little more worried about my safety, living in a world under some type of attack, tyranny, or stress all the freaking time.

Well enough about all the reasons not to live in Dreamland. Let’s get to the nitty gritty of the game.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe follows the standard Kirby formula of games. Suck up baddies, get powers, collect collectables, ???, profit, adding the variable  of actually trying to save Dreamland AND King De De De. Gotta love math..Somehow you’ll find out that pathetic excuse for a king got snatched up and you, as Kirby, have to save Dreamland and his oversized flank. Celestia explain to me why De De De hasn’t been overthrown yet…

There are even cute little keychains to collect of the past friends and enemies of previous Kirby games going all the way to back from the GameBoy to the present.

The new playable modes promise to try and keep you entertained after the main story is done. If you feel brave enough, you can even go through the entirety of the game as the King himself in De De De Tour. Don’t ask me what happens to the plot. I am not responsible for character paradoxes.There is the Arena mode where you or your friends can fight to the death for the honor of Kirby victory dance! It’s just so cute! Also, if you are feeling rhythmic, you make De De De dance and jump for your amusement in De De De Drum Dash. I, personally, don’t understand the De De De focus here but he has to be good for something.

Another addition to this game, aside from the extra modes, are the new powers. There are beetle, archer, clown, and spear just to name a few. But the real reason to board the hype train for this specific game is the Hypernova power.

The Hypernova isn’t something that you can get from an enemy, nor is it something that you can have every level. It’s a situation specific power that only enhances what Kirby already was already good at doing; sucking. With Hypernova, when the situation called for it, he could suck up whole levels. How’s that for a fourth wall when Kirby can suck the whole level right up! Enemies, items, and almost everything gets devoured by the rainbow black hole that is Kirby’s stomach.

I loved the little puzzles that the game presented with you have the Hypernova power. Things like sucking snowmen’s heads back in place or bringing two halves of an entire level together so you can continue on. It was clever.

The 3D aspect, as with most games on the 3DS, is unnecessary.  Aside from the headache it gives me while playing, (and yes I know I can reduce the 3D level) there is no need for it during my playthrough of the game. There are moments in the game where a star will take you to the foreground and background of the level but I can see that perfectly with my own four eyes in 2D mode. I will admit, it was nice when there was an enemy that popped out at you and some levels would look nice if the 3d was on but the style and aesthetic of the level wasn’t diminished because I turned the 3d off.

With that said, it was still a good game. It met all the expectations I had of it. There weren’t many due to the platform it was on but they were at least met. Had the game been on a bigger platform like the Wii or WiiU, my expectations would have been higher. I’ve had enough video game disappointments, Like Dual Hearts, to know what to expect from a certain game on a certain platform. Small platform, small game. It’s simple logic to me.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe – A good game that sucks you in and has you finished before you know it.


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