I’m Back!

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So I know I have been quiet for a while except for the podcast that you should totally check out from Fistful Of Potions. It was their second to latest episode. But I am back! I just had to get my life in order. Yknow, stuff and junk. Priorities and… Read more »


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So typically I don’t want to feed you guys (and girls) a line of crap but considering all these posts I have been flooding your inbox with, I need to at least let you know of this. I will likely be on a guest spot on a gaming podcast. You… Read more »


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I know that all my (Insert number here) follower are probably thinking, “Where the hell is Mr. Gamer?” Well, I am alive and well. Stressed but well. I have busy with trying to find a job that, dare I say it, I really haven’t time for games. But DAMMIT I… Read more »