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Unlike with Pokemon Direct, Nintendo wanted to stuff us with content this time around- which is great because the hype train is soon to be arriving at the Nintendo Direct station to pick up its passengers.

The first item on the long list of “what Mr. Gamer actually cared about”, Star Fox Zero. This new game from Nintendo is a long-needed upgrade from the Classic Star Fox 64. The direct didn’t give us too many details but there was something weird I noticed.

Who is this pink fox? I only knew of one female fox and that was Krystal from Star Fox Adventures. You know, that terrible game. Is this Fox’s long lost sister? Wolf’s girlfriend that defected? Who knows?

You can really tell that Nintendo is pushing those Amiibo figures during this direct. I mean really hard. Like it means anything that the Fox Amiibo gives you the classic Arwing. It is purely for looks. I just want them to release the Bayonetta one, that’s all I am saying.

This game has co-op play. And by “co-op play”, what I really means is, one person shoots and one person flies. Because one person can’t do those things It would have been a much better idea to have a bot of the 1P, but this is what we got instead.

Also mentioned was Starfox Guard, which seems to be a glorified tower defense with different cameras. It didn’t seem really exciting. We get both Starfox Zero and Guard released as a bundle on April 22, 2016.

Next was a Mario and Sonic olympic game that no one wanted. That’s it.

We were introduced to an update on Splatoon and Super Mario Maker. Splatoon gets some weapon balances, like any shooter game, and special combinations from the gun-guru himself, Sheldon.

With Super Mario Maker, players will have the ability to add new items into their levels like keys, drill spikes, and key doors. Now players can saturate their levels with even more items! Yay…

Aside from the Mario and Sonic game, there were two games that kinda let me down when I heard about them: Hyrule Warriors Legends and Metroid Prime Federation Force.

The first game on the chopping block is Metroid Prime Federation Force. One question, “Why?” For some strange reason, Nintendo decided to make a Metroid game without Samus as a playable character. I barely forgave them with Metroid: Other M. I just wanted to play Other Metroid games.

But this? It’s like have a Super Mario Game called “Super Mario Universe” where you play as Toadsworth. See, he is a character in the game. You’ve heard of him, but he doesn’t do anything ever. If anything, you always save him.

And with Hyrule Warriors Legends, I’m almost sure that it will be a watered down version of what’s on the WiiU. We do get 5 new heroes, such as Skull Kid and Linkle. That’s nice I suppose but I would like a nice tie in, story wise, to Linkle. Asking for that will be like upvotes on Imgur; you don’t do it.

Now saving the best for last, Bravely Second: End Layer. I am playing the demo for this game right now and I am loving it. There more jobs introduced in the video but the most interesting ones to me were Wizard and Catmancer. And yes, I typed that correctly, “Catmancer”. With Wizard, you combine the elements together to make powerful spells.

With Catmancer, you take the abilities that the monsters use against you and train cats to mimic the same spells. It is similar to the Vampire job from the previous game, except cuter. It is so freaking cute. I am sure my PR will have a field day with this game.

Sifting through the fluff, I was quite pleased with the Nintendo Direct and I can’t wait for…some of the games to be released. The others can stay in the “Never Played” section.

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