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Thank you!

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I feel like this was way overdue and for that I apologize. Thank you very much. Seriously, I want to thank every single one of you. I started this as a hobby that I wanted to turn it into something profitable. A few months later, I decided to take it… Read more »

I’m Back!

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So I know I have been quiet for a while except for the podcast that you should totally check out from Fistful Of Potions. It was their second to latest episode. But I am back! I just had to get my life in order. Yknow, stuff and junk. Priorities and… Read more »

Maybe This Time

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Whether it is an MMORPG, FPS, or any other genre of game, the title above is a saying that all gamers have used at least once. (If not at least once, then I want to know what types of games you’ve been playing) Take this scenario; you are playing Random… Read more »

Addition? More like a tumor…

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Are you curious as to why the Xbox One (silly name) is so expensive? Just think about that added eyesore that’s on top of it. The Kinect. The all seeing eye. Of course, you can turn it off but you lose all those added features that Microsoft threw in your… Read more »

Hashing Out

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So, when thinking about what I am going to be doing with this blog, a TV show is the best thing that I have. Considering how much I know you guys love my writing, imagine how much better it would be with my wonderful voice and face! OK…a bit of… Read more »

Krieg the Psycho Review

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After a very long and arduous play-through, the words that I can use to best describe Krieg are “Holy” and “Crap”. There are quite a few more expletives between those two words but the meaning is still the same. When Gearbox first released information on Krieg, they described him as… Read more »