Size doesn’t matter…. – #IndyPopcon

“Big things come in small packages” – some famous person

That applies heavily to Indy Pop. My experience so far has been amazing. I have met so many indie developers and amazing con-goers here that I had a tough time keeping my composure.

Indy Pop has a dedicated section for gaming which caught my eye. I love seeing smaller groups or even the one-person project with the game that could turn into the indie viral sensation and there is no reason it can’t happen at Indy Pop Con.

Ms. Duval is working on organizing the photos and that link is Here. But I have to show my favorite one.

I got a picture with the whole Normal Boots gang, including the Completionist. I even got his autograph.

Him and ProJared, which I hope to meet later, are a huge inspiration to me so meeting them was my “senpai noticed me moment”.

I only screamed a little. Correction: I screamed a lot.

Because of all the craziness with the Con, the SBRReports podcast will be up next Friday so stay tuned for that.

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