Pokemon Direct…ing my attention somewhere else

It wasn’t bad but…ehh. Not too excitedYesterday Nintendo announced three new games in the Pokemon Direct; Pokken Tournament DX for the Switch and Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon for the 3DS.

Now, this won’t be won’t be like Dragonball where we just add “Super” to something and ship it out. It’s expected that with Ultra Sun and Moon, we will have a new story on top of the new favorite Legendary Pokemon, Solgaleo and Lunala. Hopefully, this will light my fire back in the world of traditional Pokemon from Sun and Moon.

Pokken Tournament DX will be released Sept. 22 for the Switch and perhaps with this new iteration of the fighting game will I actually care.

Don’t get me wrong, Pokken Tournament was not a bad game. It was good enough to be at EVO, though Divekick was also at EVO so I probably shouldn’t base it off of that.



It’s just hard for me to get into a Pokemon game where my Pokemon are “fighting” instead of “battling” but that’s an article for another time. With the added features of Daily Challenges, Group Match, and 3 v 3 battles maybe I’ll jump back in.


Tell me what you thought about the Pokemon Direct. Was I completely off base with my comment about Pokken Tournament? I’d like to talk to you Buttonmashers more. Leave a comment!

Let me know what you thought...you won't...