I Like Being Plugged in But…

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There comes a point where sometimes even the greatest of ideas, even the smartest of people fall within the category of “doin’ too much”.

This is a perfect example of that.

On Splatoon’s official twitter, two photos were released on what the voice chat adapter would look like for cell phones for Splatoon 2 on the Nintendo Switch.


I know they both look like iPhones but let’s call the phone with only one stupid adapter the Android setup and the other the iPhone set up.

How likely is anyone to actually want to voice chat while they have all of these extra adapters connected to them? Let me just break this down for you.

Scenario 1 – At home

  • Your Switch is docked in with a USB to Ethernet adapter (Because you are a professional)
  • Your phone is connected your home WiFi because you paid good money for it and don’t want to eat up your data plan (those without unlimited…)
  • From the black adapter, you plug in your phone, Switch and headphones
  • Profit. (right?)

This scenario depends heavily on the fact that the Switch will be close to you. I am not sure how long those cords are going to be but if people have their Switch set up similar to the fashion that the ads had them placed, that isn’t going to work.

Scenario 2 – On the Go

  • You are sitting at a library or a Starbucks with your Switch.
  • You’ve connected your phone and Switch to the free wifi
  • From the black adapter, you plug in your phone, Switch and headphones just as before
  • Profit. (Not really…)

Just as before, too many cords in a public setting. I don’t know about you but I don’t trust many people and if I am bogged down by cords where I can’t get away from whomever when I want to, there is a problem. Not to mention the factors you can’t control, like free public wifi which is never something you want to depend on in online gaming.

I know that the voice chat feature is going to be app on the phone. Let’s you don’t get a phone call during the last day of Splatfest…

Let me know what you think about this. Am I just worrying too much? Is this big deal to you? Hit me on Facebook and Twitter to let me know!



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