Pokemon Direct…basically Sun and Moon

The Pokemon Direct was short, but it left a good impression of things to expect from Nintendo and all of these things have successfully piqued my interest.

The first being that with introduction of Pokemon: Sun and Moon, we have the original Red, Blue, and Yellow coming to the Nintendo E-Shop. It would be great to get these games back in the running though it does raise some questions.

First, how are they going to balance the special stat from a 1st generation pokemon? We are know that in Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow, the special stat was just one stat, “Special”.


The Pokemon game we know now has special attack and special defense stats. Let’s hope that gets some balance.

Another thing is how exactly will the game be ported over. Will the games be exact copies of their counterparts or will the glitches be fixed? Can you get the Missing No. and glitch your game? Can you get the special Mew? Can you get Surfing Pikachu?

Just some questions to think about.

I fell out of Pokemon after Pokemon X and Y. But if I can bring my dream team from the original game over to the newest iteration of the game, I might just fall back in love.

Here’s hoping that Pokemon: Celestia and Luna….Sun and Moon doesn’t get eclipsed over the other titles this year.

Let me know what you thought...you won't...