First Impressions: Bayonetta (Smash 4)

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With the new DLC pack for Smash 4 still fresh in people’s mind, I’d figure I want to throw my hat in the ring to say…

…Bayonetta, my Bae, isn’t OP. There I said it.

That is not to say that there aren’t wonderful things about her. All of the those wonderful things just haven’t been discovered yet.

For example, one of the best things about her is combo potential. I am not talking combo potential in comparison to Mario or Ryu. She has her own “hit A repeatedly, do combo, win”, similar to super moves in Persona 4 Arena (insert link).

But my favorite thing about is her counter, Witch time. Shulk might have the Monado’s power but that doesn’t hold a candle to Witch Time. Similar to Shulk, Bayonetta’s Witch Time slows down the opponent significantly. The slow down time will decrease with overuse but still very dangerous as Bayonetta has free movement while the opponent is slowed.

If a character tries to hit Bayonetta during Witch Time and it is done correctly, Bayonetta has the ability to get two uncharged smash attacks on them before the slowdown effect wears off. That is just beautiful.

Now, there is the other side of the character; the not-so-good. One of her most crippling things, that happens to affect all the newer characters except Corrin, is her recovery. Suffice to say, it’s crap.

For a character whose clothing is her hair, she seems very stiff. Even Bowser, my test dummy punching bag, moves faster than her. That’s sad. If you ever do a combo in the air with her, just hope you have a Side B maneuver left because not having a Up B that you can control is crippling. Plus, doesn’t move you very far.

She may have some less than optimal movesets, like smash attacks that leave her wide open if you miss, but she is still my Bae; my new main.

She’ll just have a bit of work to do to hit that Climax.

Let me know what you won't...