Well…(Clever Title Here)

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I was just going to do something amazing for you guys like show you this new hidden gem I’ve been working…

And then…

….I saw that I had 182 people following this blog. That’s a really big bucking number to me. I do not know when it happened but thank you so much. I want to thank every single Buttonmasher out there for your support. When I get a hat, I’ll tip it to you.

And what I was going to say before my heart tried to jump out of my chest was that I have new logo!!!!

MrGamerLogo MikesFave2

Ain’t it awesome? It can be a button, badge, a power-up for your next dose of awesome or whatever.

I will be getting the first episode of my first let’s play (yeee!!) out when I figure out what the buck to do with the audio…

It’s my first time, be gentle..

Anyhoof, my next video should be up tonight. Less funny, more serious. Tell me what you think. Tell me what you to see. Tell me what you think there isn’t enough of.

Once again, thank you all 182 of you.

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