Come on and SMASH! And welcome to the JAM!

I knew I wasnt crazy! (Sort of) I had been looking for the demos of SSB at Best Buy for the longest because I just had to get my hands on it.

After a useless encounter with two of the managers about two weeks ago at the Best Buy on North Ave., I was told by both of them that they had never heard of the demo coming to their store and that they were “hardcore gamers” (Ok, guys. Didnt need to add that last part…) Fair enough, I suppose.

But I did find it…in the suburbs. Guess who will be making a trip out there?

And no, its not my mom. (Though, good guess)

Mr. Gamer will be visiting a Best Buy near you (by ‘you’, the suburbs) to give you a good in-depth look at the game.

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Link Here for details

Let me know what you won't...