Let’s Get Ready To Tumble(r)

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As it always a wonderful to thing to see your happy faces bless my screen with your eyes, I wanted to just give you a quick update.

I just back from ACEN 2014 and it was amazing. My editor and I had a blast and I will be sure to give you all of the details. The only downside from the experience is that the hotel that we were staying at did not have internet or else this post would have been given to you much earlier.

I am still organizing all of the pictures and videos into a formal gallery and that will be ready for view before this coming Wednesday.

And not to de-rail from the title, I made a Tumblr page. I figured that I need to more social and what better way to do that than with a Tumblr page because I am not paying for Facebook, I’m sorry. (I am not actually sorry.)

Link right HERE

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    1. Mr. Gamer

      In the (hopeful) event that the Start Button gets, I believe, more than 1000 or so likes, I would have to pay to have all of my followers see my posts on their news feed. If I didn’t, then they would have to to go my page to see all of my updates. And who would really do that in this inpatient age?


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