2D or not 2D, That is the question

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When I first saw this system, I didn’t know what to think about it. I will say that I did go with the herd of butthurt over the internet and thought that it was a terrible idea. Why the hell would Nintendo release something so bad?! I mean, really? I looked at it and thought that it needed to be burned. Burned with fire and holy water. (If you can burn things with holy water…)

It looked like a smaller tablet with even smaller screens and was really having a small positive impact on most of its audience.

Another thing that kinda pissed me off was the fact that I thought it was supposed to be a handheld (last time I checked). As in, being able to be held and played easily within the hands. I couldn’t imagine ANY kid trying to play with this bulky awkward thing. It looked like it would be as bad as giving a handshake to a guy with weak fish hands, but with both hands….at the same time. Ewww.. Plus, (cause I just like to throw salt on the wound) where is the portable functionality of the device?  I can’t put it in my pocket unless my pocket just happens to be my whole pant leg!  I can just imagine all of the amazing lines for having a 2DS in your pocket.

“Is that a 2DS in your pants or are you just happy to see me?”

Maybe that’s not the best line but you get my point. It’s a huge awkward thing bulging from your pants. (That’s what she said…I hope not)

And here is another question: So does the 3D part of the 3DS suck so bad you have to make a whole new system that plays all the 3D games without the 3D? Because if Nintendo wants to say that they goofed then okay. I can accept that. But doesn’t the 3DS have a little switch to turn the 3D off? There. Problem solved, right? Apparently not or we wouldn’t be in this predicament.

As previously mentioned, the feelings and statements above were when I first looked and thought about the system. And you know what? I can change my mind if I want.

I did.

It turns out that the feelings of every ranter on the internet had was was self-diagnosed. (Who would have thought?) The 2DS isn’t a bad system. There. I said it.

Now before you explode at me, lets look at the facts. One thing to point out about the system is that it is cheaper than the 3DS. We have a $170 with the 3DS versus a $130 price tag with the 2DS to consider. In the expensive world of gaming, that $40 dollar decrease is significant. Now, if you can throw money out like that and you don’t give a crap about price tags, then I have a wishlist for you Mr. Moneybags. In the meantime, we normal gamers will be happy with the lower price tag.

And if the system has all the functions of the 3DS (as in the important part: playing the freaking games), minus the 3D, then what’s the problem? I’m blind enough as it is and I don’t need another thing (aside from my huge tv and laptop) to try and blind me. Just like with most (if not all) movies in theaters, 3D doesn’t make the movie any better and this applies to games. It’s just a cheap way to make you pay more for the same movie with their stupid glasses, or in this case, a stupid dial on your system.

I will admit that it doesn’t look like the most portable system out there but that doesn’t mean you can’t still use it. It does come with a carrying case to move it around in. And maybe I don’t want to fold my handheld and put it in my pocket. Maybe I want to put it in a more secure location, like my book-bag or something. I don’t really mind the extra few seconds it takes to get to my system for some added security. Not really a big deal.

The 2DS is actually smaller than the 3DS when it is folded open. And with the design Nintendo gave it, the shoulder buttons are easier to get to, giving you less stress on your hands. I like less stress given how often I use the shoulder buttons. I have had the shoulder buttons on my GBA go after repeated use and that kills your fingers after a while trying to get them to work.

The 2DS still plays all of the 3DS and supported DS titles. Though I am curious about how it will play Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass during the part where you are supposed to fold the system to put the seal on the map. The 2DS doesn’t fold so…good luck with that Nintendo!

So everyone can calm down. It will be ok. Why people are so anxious to rush to the “I Hate This” train is beyond me. Give it a chance. Nintendo hasn’t let us down. Well…not exactly with the WiiU but they still have time!

Trust me I’m a gamer.

Still think the 2DS is a piece of crap or are you going to crossover? I know I will.

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  1. Missy Tannenbaum

    I already have a 3DS, so personally, I won’t be getting a 2DS, but I think it’s a good idea, too! Before I left for grad school, I ran a Pokemon League, and a lot of the kids there couldn’t afford the 3DS and had done a variety of interesting things to damage their standard DSes. For kids like that, I think that the 2DS is a very smart move on Nintendo’s part. It’s cheaper, harder to break, and comes out alongside Pokemon X/Y, so I think they’ll be able to sell quite a few of them, no matter how the internet feels about it. Plus, I hardly ever use the 3D on my system, unless I’m drawing a Swapnote in which someone else will never see the 3D that I painstakingly added, so I don’t think that part of it is a big deal at all.


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