Out of the fire and back into the frying pan, but can they make it sizzle?

I had already written up a really great article to tear Microsoft a new one. I mean R.Y.N.O., ‘rip ya new one’ level. (It’s from Ratchet and Clank, look it up) But a revelation came upon my computer screen not too long ago. Someone in Microsoft (i.e. the president) actually heard the wonderful feedback that he and his company  were so wondrously receiving. By ‘feedback’ I mean the yelling rants of video game enthusiasts in the key of ‘What the heck is this crap’ sharp and by ‘wondrously receiving’ I am talking about how you can’t get on the internet without hearing about ‘Microsoft’s blunder’ or video referencing the sounds of crickets when they released the Xbox One’s price tag at E3.

In a release here, by the big man himself, Don Mattrick pulled back two of the things that had consumers heated in the first place. The first was that you do not need to have an internet connection to play offine Xbox One games. That’s a load off. I really hadn’t planned on getting the system if I was going to need constant internet (like I don’t need internet all the time anyway)  then that really limits what you can do with the box because essentially after that it just becomes a box that you can watch TV with. I (and I am sure everyone else reading this) already have a box that I can watch TV with, its called a TV. (Or my computer for other things…)

The second thing, which at least made feel good in my wallet (socially) was the fact that you could now share games again, basically. That’s great! I like to actually own property that, y’know, I bought and do with that as I want. Of course this made Gamestop happy as well but that’s for another time.

Now if they could fix that price tag (which they won’t) I would think about getting the Xbox One(eighty). Get it? 180? Because they had to turn around to fix themselves?

Anyhoof, if at any point you disagreed with me. Tell me. Please. I would love to hear it in that little itty bitty comment section. And tell your friends! It could be like a party! But with swearing and yelling!

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0 thoughts on “Out of the fire and back into the frying pan, but can they make it sizzle?

  1. name

    Let me say that firstly, I’m putting money down that somewhere in the future of the xbox one there is going to be another reversal in the used games usage thing. And by that I mean I can completely see Microsoft selling the console with the promise that you can share used games and then having something completely stupid like where you could only have your itunes account registered at 3 different computers, but for games.

    Secondly… I’m drunk and don’t remember my second point.

    1. Mr. Gamer

      I can see your point (drunken or not) about the amount of consoles being able to play the games, used or not. They could implement a code where you have to enter that when you want to play the game after the three ‘uses’ are up. Then people are buying codes and not games. It could happen. We just have to wait and see.


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