KONSOLE KOMBAT!!!! Or Clash of The Consoles

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the 2013 Console Wars!

We have a wonderful fight to bring you to live from…this article! In one corner, we have the big, the burly, the all seeing eye himself, XBOX ONE! This fighter weighs in at about $499 dollars with a load of tricks up his sleeve. He has his best friend, the Kinect, by his side with split screen viewing and this isn’t just for multiplayer, folks. This is beyond gaming. The Xbox One has more features than a busload of cheerleaders and that’s saying something. It has the cloud, giving its users more accessibility with new apps and games. It has the split screen feature allowing you to Skype with your friends (like you have friends….) and watch the latest episode of Jersey Shore at the same time! (Definitely joking about Jersey Shore…) With 8 gigabytes of RAM and a 500 gigabyte hard drive the Xbox One is a tough contender for the market!

In the next corner, we have the sleek, the slim, Sony’s brand new console coming off to show her stuff, the PLAYSTATION 4! Now this fighter weighs in about $399 dollars. Now don’t let her weight fool you. This chick knows what it takes to last in this industry. She has quite a few friends to help her out in this fight. As a matter of fact, I can see them now. It’s all of the used games of the system! Oh my, it seems like XBOX One is left out in that area. There won’t be any sharing games at the Microsoft house tonight! It seems as if PS4 is also fighting with 8 gigabytes of RAM and a 500 gigabyte hard drive. That seems to be the standard for these fighters! They both have the Blu-ray drive with them as well. No one can ever get tired of seeing those high definition fighters duke it out! Wait! I think I see something attached to the PS4. What is that? I think it’s a paid online play subscription! A PlayStation Plus subscription! Oh sneaky… You are going to have to watch for that one!

Both fighters showed themselves to the audience at the E3 convention with mixed results. The Xbox One put himself out there and things got a little awkward. While he did have wonderful titles to show off and new Smartglass feature under his belt, there were still a few cricket noises in the audience with his price tag. Not going to be shown up at any competition, Sony took a few tips from Xbox One’s performance (or lack thereof) and started off with a video explaining game sharing. The video simply showed two gentlemen with one giving the game to other person. You could hear the yelling and screaming from the crowd as this was a BURN and a direct slap against the face of Microsoft. (use whatever you want to slap Microsoft)

Nintendo didn’t have much a buzz between these two giants, but don’t count him out! With titles such as Super Smash Bros WiiU, Super Smash Bros 3DS, and Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Two Worlds, we are sure to see the console soar back to its rightful status.

These combatants are waiting for you. You (more so your wallet) decides the winner! Will it be the extraordinary Xbox One, the persistent PS4, or the wondrous WiiU! In this calamitous clash of captivating console companies, you decide their fate….

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