Why I’m not buying Spiderman 2018…yet

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I’ve been asked about the new Spiderman game quite a bit within the last two weeks. People have told me how amazing the game looks. Others have shared all of the beautiful pictures of people with their first day purchases.

*show pic of woman sitting the back seat* (Isn’t that just true love)

And my answer has always been the same…

“I’ll wait for the ‘Game of the Year’ edition or something.”

I will typically receive a little rebuttal to the tune of, “What if they don’t make a ‘Game of the Year’ edition?” My response will be “Guess I’m not getting it then.” I’ll hear more reasons to look at and review the game but I can’t really bring myself to do that and if you read the title of this article, one thing will already be clear; it is not because I think the game is bad.

I am sure that the game will be a lot of fun, when it is finished. I am sure that I will get a few hours of enjoyment out of it. It probably won’t be the 20 hours that Insomniac thinks it will be, but I am not your average gamer.

“Mr.” is in my name, come on now.

But why would I buy something that isn’t complete?

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that of course the game is finished, that’s why they are selling it. And I would have to disagree. Part of the game is finished and that’s what you got on the release day. They split the rest of it in that financially forward fashion, that money-making DLC (Diabolically Lucrative Content).

Let me be clear with this. I DO NOT hate DLC. I think DLC is great way to add additional content to a game when it is just that, additional. When I am told about DLC for a game BEFORE that game has been played or even released to the public, it tells me that you had the content already planned, that this content is ready but that I, the consumer, wouldn’t get with the rest of the game because?

Because money.

Had the DLC not been mentioned until a month or two later, I would have no complaints. But this idea of making a whole cake but only giving us a slice and calling it the whole thing is ridiculous. Especially when we, the consumers, know you have more to give us because you’ve already told us about it.

And that, to me, speaks volumes about the care or lack thereof, that went into the release of (not the making of) the game.

Maybe things will change and we will start getting full games again with DLC being the dessert after a big meal and not the guacamole that costs extra every Celestia-damn time.


Until then, I’ve still got the Shantae series to 100% complete.

Think I am just complaining about an a non-issue? Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments!

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