Splatoon 2 So Far

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Here’s just a little quick dirty on my feelings for Splatoon 2.

What I’m enjoying

Salmon Run

This is one of the best additions to the game. I am not the biggest fan of PVP modes so I don’t play Ranked Battles very often. With this new PVE mode, Salmon Run, I can work together with a team and fight a horde of AI controlled enemies. I also don’t feel as bad if my teammates have rocks for brains.

The Puns

I am a gamer of puns. We all know this. I haven’t a good pun infested game in while and that might sound a bit fishy but it’s true.

The Story

I didn’t have a problem with the story from before and this version hit most of the marks of the previous. I’ve only defeated two bosses but it does seem like more of the same which I’m ok with. I like the lines that Marie throws in as I am fighting the Octolings. They are pretty funny.

That’s how most heroes are found.

What I’m enjoy a little less

Salmon Run

Why do I only have to enjoy the wonder that is Salmon Run as a timed event!? Do you think that Salmon egg harvesting sleeps!? So why should I. But seriously, this is the best part of the game. It, like most of the game, can only be enjoyed online so no harvesting during my commute, which sucks.

Sheldon’s Request

My opinion on this might change when I complete the game but the completeionist in me is a bit frustrated that I have to go through each of the levels with all of the available weapons even when those weapons are completely useless for the levels like the Splat Roller on literally any level.

The game is still good. I’m just not sold like I was with the first one. Part of it is because I am playing a mainly online game on a mobile device where I don’t always have internet. It’s a tiny little peeve but still worth saying.

Right now, I would give the game a 7/10.

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