Kids put on the Dardnest conventions

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Saturday, I had the privilege of attending Pocketcon 2017. Who knew that kids could put together such amazing event? It was a free event put on by the kids of the Chicago Public Library and LoKari Productions.

I have to say for a small free convention, it was done well.

They had your standard Artist Alley with many black artist showing off their wares

And a gaming section…..

And a not-so-standard break dance battle.

I had the opportunity to see Raid Gaming Lounge, located 3044 N Central Ave, holding a Smash Bros tournament. Check them out for a nice place to game with your friends, buy some fights sticks, or even hosting your own tournament.

Raid Gaming Lounge is Located 3044 N Central Ave, Chicago, IL 60634

#Pocketcon was a good way to end my con season and I hope that it comes around again next year.